A message to our visitors

A message to our visitors that don’t speak Portuguese

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The construction industry is complex and involves countless variables. There’s a lot to think about and discuss about the best way to develop a project.

It is part of Alphalink’s mission to think, promote discussions, produce knowledge and get actively involved in the development of our industry.

For this we produce a lot of information, articles about many aspects of construction project development. How it is done, the issues we face, what could be done better and son on.

We do have many clients from abroad, that don’t speak Portuguese, but this ongoing discussion is within the Portuguese industry and community, and that is why most of these articles are written in Portuguese.

We do think, however, that there is a lot of useful information we can share with individuals and companies from abroad that are considering get involved in the construction industry in Portugal, either as clients or any other role.

Up until know we were focused on developing information for the Portuguese audience, but soon we will share articles for our non-Portuguese speaking clients, potential clients and visitors, with useful information for those considering a project in Portugal but that don’t know how our industry operates.

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