About Us

Construction projects are complex. The success of a project depends on the coordination of multi-talented teams carrying out the most diverse activities, all of which have a major impact on the result. This coordination is itself a specialised job. Sometimes we don’t realise it, but it’s hard to be a Client of the construction industry.

Here are some of the challenges on a project development:


Assure that the project costs what we intend it to cost.


Select, organize, and manage all the teams to achieve the best of each one.


Designing a building that meets client’s requirements and expectations.


Set a good development strategy and project planning.

The Works

Hiring the contractors and monitoring all the work towards better realising the project.


Managing licences and relations between all public entities and concessionaries.

Purchases and installation

Managing direct acquisitions, FF&E, maintenance, operation and much more.


Coordination and follow-up of all entities involved.

This is what we’ve been doing for over 20 years.
We support our clients all over the project development to make it happen!

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Over 20 years managing projects from different activity areas, in the construction industry.

Our Team

We have a multidisciplinary team in Lisbon and Oporto ready to manage the most complex projects.


We think and write a lot about project management, the construction industry and management in general.