Our team

We have a multidisciplinary team in Lisbon and Oporto prepared to manage the most complex and challenging projects industry has to develop. Investment in training and the personal and technical development of all Alphalink members is a constant part of our day-to-day activities.
Management and Backoffice Team
Jaime Quintas, Alphalink-min

Jaime Quintas

Filipe Paulino - Alphalink-min

Filipe Paulino

Élia Verdasca, Alphalink-min

Élia Verdasca

Marta Geada - Alphalink-min

Marta Geada

Sandra Chaves, Alphalink-min

Sandra Chaves

Soraya Latif - Alphalink-min

Soraya Latif

Project Management Team - Lisbon
Carolina Cyrne - Alphalink-min

Carolina Cyrne

Civil Eng.
Francisco Garcia, Alphalink-min

Francisco Garcia

Civil Eng.
Francisco Silva - Alphalink-min

Francisco Silva

Mechanical Eng.
Gustavo Okazaki, Alphalink-min

Gustavo Okazaki

Civil Eng.
Henrique Marecos - Alphalink-min

Henrique Marecos

Civil Eng.
Inês Feio, Alphalink-min

Inês Feio

Luís Alvo, Alphalink-min

Luís Alvo

Electrical Eng.
Luís António - Alphalink-min

Luís António

Luís Macedo, Alphalink-min

Luís Macedo

Civil Eng.
Manuel Gomes - Alphalink-min

Manuel Gomes

Civil Eng.
Patrícia Salvado, Alphalink-min

Patrícia Salvado

Civil Eng.
Rita Pinheiro - Alphalink-min

Rita Pinheiro

Civil Eng.

Vasco Passanha

Civil Eng.
Project Management Team - Oporto
Gabriela Trindade, Alphalink-min

Gabriela Trindade

Luís Montes - Alphalink-min

Luís Montes

Civil Eng.
Luís tavares, Alphalink-min

Luís Tavares

Civil Eng.
Miguel Gonçalves - Alphalink-min

Miguel Gonçalves

Civil Eng.

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About us

We support our clients developing a project from a blank paper to a functioning building.


Over 20 years managing projects from different activity areas, in the construction industry.


We think and write a lot about project management, the construction industry and management in general.