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Alphalink produces and publishes a lot of information about project management and the construction industry that we share on our webiste and social networks.

The articles and content produced and shared by Alphalink may be read, printed, copied, stored and shared freely for personal or teaching purposes. Reference to Alphalink autorship must always be made.

Commercial usage can only be made with writen approval from Alphalink.

All legal rights of intelectual property belong to Alphalink, that can reproduce, edit and reedit the content in any form, commercial or not, and without any warning, announcement or restriction.


We sincerely hope that all this information is useful, but must reinforce that its application to specific projects must be well thought out and structured by the management team.

Alphalink is not responsible or accountable for any results or implications of the implementation in specific projects of the information shared on this site or social networks.

Alphalink cannot be accountable or responsible for the usage given to the information produced and published on our website or social networks, nor by any results, liabilities or any other consequences of its utilization. Alphalink developed all efforts to ensure the correction, accuracy and validity of the information shared on this website or social networks. However, its application must be accessed by the user.

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