Saber. Fazer. Acontecer. Alphalink culture.

Saber. Fazer. Acontecer.

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“Saber. Fazer. Acontecer.” is Alphalink’s tag line. An expression that conveys our culture, what we are and how we work.

It is not easy to translate this to English without losing its strenght. Let us try…

“Saber” means knowledge. But it’s also the verb “to know”.

“Fazer” means doing, but is also the verb make.

“Acontecer” means happen or to happen.

Our Saber. Fazer. Acontecer. has therefore many different readings:


To know. General knowledge. Technical knowledge. Critical thinking.

Learning. We must learn a lot. Constantly.

Saber fazer.

Know how. Practical knowledge.

To know how to manage and coordinage. Know how to communicate, manage stress, relationships and persons.

Knowing how to apply on our daily life all that we know.

Fazer acontecer.

To make it happen.

An immense proactivity. Achieve results. Production.

Focus on what is trully essential, on what matters and works.

Saber. Fazer. Acontecer.

It is us. Alphalink.

And we never forget that this must be stimulating, enriching and fun. If not, it’s no fun at all.

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